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1) “I thought this was already a done deal."· No way! That’s what Solid Solutions wants you to believe!· Actually, as...

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What’s Happening?

A company named Solid Solutions has purchased land within Haralson County and is proposing a massive 2,000-acre landfill site. In a June 4th letter to Haralson County residents, Solid Solutions stated that their proposed landfill would have an area of 300 acres on a 2,000-acre site. According to a March 2020, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spreadsheet, currently the largest landfill in Georgia is 210 acres on a 560-acre site.

This new proposed landfill in Haralson County, GA proposed by Solid Solutions would start as a 300 acre site becoming the LARGEST LANDFILL IN GEORGIA with 1,700 acres on which to expand for decades to come.

Haralson County Landfill Map

Who Are We?

Haralson County Alliance for Responsible Waste Management was formed by many concerned Haralson County residents whose homes are located in the vicinity of the massive landfill proposed by Solid Solutions. The Alliance has since grown to include an ever increasing number of people living throughout Haralson County.

Our Goals

  1. Prevent Haralson County from becoming the home of the Solid Solutions landfill which would be the largest landfill in Georgia.
  2. Reduce the harm done to those living near the Polk County landfill where Haralson County waste is presently dumped.
  3. Turn waste into wealth via recycling to create more jobs and bolster the regional economy. Why do we recommend this?

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What is the Haralson Alliance for Responsible Waste Management doing?

We are seeking to provide the Board of County Commissioners with:



The public support needed to say “NO” to the mega landfill and “YES” to a Zero Waste plan.


Say No

To help the Haralson County Commissioners legally say no in a way that Solid Solutions cannot reverse on appeal.



To assist in educating local residents in both Haralson and Polk Counties about the benefits of recycling-composting with the hope that this will provide the support our Commissioners need to promote an alternative landfill solution of recyclable collection and other key programs.

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Landfill Q&A

1) “I thought this was already a done deal."· No way! That’s what Solid Solutions wants you to believe!· Actually, as of 5/20/21, they have not yet even made application for re-zoning.· The office...

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Reasons To Care…

Landfill IMPACTS:

Health & Landfill Air Pollution: Scientific research has documented that the a diverse health effects of landfill gases extend up to two miles from a landfill. These gases can cause a slight increase in cancer, birth defects and other more severe adverse health effects. A 2011 study documented the following lesser, though nonetheless unacceptable adverse health effects are far more probable: odors so bad windows cannot be opened; burning eyes, nose and throat; headaches; nausea; and dizziness. The gas collection-treatment systems installed at modern landfills may reduce adverse health effects but to an unknown degree. Also, these systems have failed at Georgia landfills. A 2020 article recounts such a failure at the Pine Bluff landfill in Cherokee County, GA

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Well & Stream Pollution:

When water passes through decomposing landfill waste a toxic leachate is formed . Research has documented 133 chemicals in landfill leachate that can pose a threat to human and aquatic resource health. Georgia law requires locating landfills at least two miles from major water supply wells. There may be 500 or more homes within two miles of the landfill proposed by Solid Solutions (see map on next page). Most of these homes are served by wells that could be vulnerable to contamination. To prevent contamination of ground and surface waters, modern landfills have impermeable caps, liners, leachate collection-treatment systems and monitoring wells. Since leachate may forever remain toxic, these systems must work for decades. Unfortunately, system failures do occur. A 2020 article noted such a failure at a landfill near Augusta, GA.

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Property Value:

Research has documented that homes within two miles of major landfills, like that proposed by Solid Solutions, sell for 10% less than comparable homes not near a major landfill. Collectively, the 500 homes within two-miles of the proposed landfill could lose $8.3 million in value and Haralson County could lose a half-million dollars a year in tax revenue.

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Noise Impacts of Landfills, Transfer Stations, Etc.:

Sound that disturbs the peacefulness of your home is an apt description of noise. Excessive noise from both landfills and transfer stations can make it difficult to relax, concentrate or share a conversation with others. Early morning or late-night noise can disrupt sleep. With regard to landfills and transfer stations, the most common noises are from back-up beepers and the clang of tail gates slamming against heavy truck bodies. Public address systems are occasionally another source of noise. Noise from trucks traveling to and from waste facilities can affect many more area residents.

In a 2010 report, the National Academy of Engineering cited back-up beepers as one of the top six noise sources associated with behavioral and emotional consequences. Backup beepers and slamming tailgates top the federal Department of Transportation’s list of nighttime construction noise sources.

Increased Traffic:

Landfills and transfer stations generate a tremendous amount of truck traffic. An increase in heavy truck traffic can lower property value and increase accidents as well as noise. The noise alone can substantially lower property value when truck traffic increases. The noise from heavy truck traffic lowers property value at a rate 30 to 50 times greater than cars. This is because at 50 feet heavy trucks emit noise 16 times louder than car traffic. While large trucks account for just 4% of registered vehicles they were involved in 9% of fatal crashes.

In a 2008 study, researchers noted an increased cancer risk among those along the routes traveled by trucks hauling waste to a regional municipal landfill. However, the increase was one additional cancer case per 39 million people.

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To learn more about Landfill Impacts and to read about our efforts towards a more responsible solid waste management strategy for Haralson County visit the links below.