Update: Feb 15 Commissioners Hearing; and Upcoming Vote, Mar 1 – Your attendance is needed!

Feb 18, 2022

The Haralson County Board of Commissioners’ public hearing on the proposed mega-landfill by Solid Solutions was on Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022, with several hundred citizens in attendance. Presentations were made to the Commissioners by both Solid Solutions and the Haralson Alliance, and then many individuals from the public made comments. 

Haralson Alliance attorney, Don Stack, submitted two large binders to the  Commissioners including over 1,000 pages of studies and information with reasons why the landfill should not be approved. 

The Commissioners will have two weeks to consider the information presented, and make their vote at their next public meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 6:00 pm, at the same location, Haralson County Rec Gym, 25 Recreation Lane, Buchanan GA.  This meeting is not expected to last very long, as no additional presentations on the landfill are expected to be made at that meeting.  It is very important to have as many of our supporters as possible at this meeting to see the Commissioners raise their hands to either vote to APPROVE or DENY the landfill re-zoning request. 

Below are video clips of Haralson Alliance presentations at the Feb 15, 2022 Commissioners’ hearing:

·        Haralson Alliance co-chair, Johnny Wright’s presentation to the Commissioners:  https://youtu.be/v-4hwgjAlt0

·        Haralson Alliance attorney, Don Stack’s rebuttal of Solid Solutions’ claims:  https://youtu.be/7TGSrhxbAQs

The Commissioners will be considering any additional information received by Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022. You can continue to help in this effort by emailing the Commissioners, asking them to deny the landfill rezoning request. Email addresses are as follows:

·        Ronnie Ridley, Chairman:  ronnieridley@haralsoncountyga.gov

·        David Tarpley, District 1:  dtarpley888@charter.net

·        Jamie Brown, District 2:  commissionerjamiebennett@gmail.com

·        John Daniel, District 3:  johndaniel@haralsoncountyga.gov

·        Ryan Farmer, District 4:  ryanfarmer@haralsoncountyga.gov

More complete video of the hearing can be seen on Newstalk 1330 WLBB’s Facebook page at the following links.

·        Part 1:  https://fb.watch/bfmmzTyYIi/

·        Part 2:  https://fb.watch/bfmsZXESSh/

The full 8 hours of the hearing, including questions from Commissioners, is at the Greater Haralson Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page, https://fb.watch/bfBtLajtIl/.  (However, please note that some of the audio is unclear.)

The Haralson Alliance needs your financial support to help pay for our legal team.  Donations may be made via Paypal here, or by mailing a check to Haralson Alliance, PO Box 501, Tallapoosa GA  30176.  Donations are NOT tax deductible. Thank you!

Preview YouTube video Johnny Wright Addresses Haralson Co Commissioners About Proposed Landfill, 2-15-22Preview

YouTube video Haralson Alliance Attorney, Don Stack’s Rebuttal of Landfill Developer, Solid Solutions, 2-15-22.